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Mini Excavator bucketMini Excavator BucketMini Excavotr Auger


Excavation & Positrack Bobcat/ Tipper Truck Combo Hire with a Qualified, Experienced & Fully Insured operator

  • Pier & Post Hole Boring,

  • Footings,

  • Land Clearing,

  • Drainage & Sewer Trenches,

  • Retaining Walls,

  • Landscaping, turfing of lawns and retaining walls

  • Trenches,

  • Gravel or Concrete Driveways

  • Site Preparation and Levelling,

  • Rubbish Removal,

  • Livestock Burial,

  • Fencing, 

  • Electrical Trenches

  • Block cleanups

  • Shrub Removal

  • Home Maintenance-fence repairs, small installations, backyard cleanups, lawn mowing, rubbish removal, scrap metal pick ups.

  Dont Break your Back call will save time and money by hiring Ricktrac Mini Excavations. We can assist you with all your DIY work.

 We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, and giving you the opportunity to access machinery that makes your digging projects more efficient and affordable.

See a video of Ricktrac Mini Excavations in action