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Mini Excavator bucketMini Excavator BucketMini Excavotr Auger


Rubber Tracked 3 Tonne Mini Excavator

Attachments-300-1200mm buckets, Ripper +Quick Hitch, 150-600mm Augers (drill post holes), Backfill Blade, Rubber Tracks, Zero Swing

Rubber Tracked 1.5 Tonne Mini Excavator

Attachments -300-900mm Buckets, Ripper + Quick Hitch, 150-600mm Augers, Backfill Blade, Rubber Tracks, Zero Swing

PosiTrack Bobcat
Attachments -Levelling Bar/Smudge Bar, Pallet Forks, Ground Breaking Rippers                                                                

3.5 ton Tipper Truck

Zero turn Ride on Lawn Mower

Mini Tractor & Tipping Trailer for carrying turf into narrow access jobs

Dont Break your Back call will save time and money by hiring Ricktrac Mini Excavations. We can assist you with all your DIY work.

 Rubber Tracked machines that wont damage your Driveways & Paths

What is the smallest opening our machinery can fit between? As our business name describes, our equipment is 'mini' which enables us to work in places where most other equipment just can't access. The Excavator has a width of only 1200mm, which can be downsized even smaller to a width of only 950mm with a touch of a lever. It is this compact size, that gives our equipment such a competitive and professional edge.

Does Ricktrac Mini Excavations hire their equipment without an operator? No, some things are best left to the experts. We genuinely believe that to get more value for your dollar, it is far more cost effective to hire an experienced operator who can achieve a top notch result for you in less than half the time it would take an inexperienced operator from scratch (including learning to operate the equipment).